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Retrofit Rain Head Shower

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Shower Installation

Our retrofit showers are easy to install.  Watch the video for a demonstration of the installation process.

See instructions page for more information and the guide book. Contact us if you need help or have questions about installation or other product features.

Replace Your Ordinary Kitchen Faucet Sprayer with Dish Genie

Dish Genie is a side sprayer with interchangeable attachments which help you clean many dishes that are otherwise cumbersome to wash.

Dishes too big or otherwise unsuitable for the dishwasher are easy to wash with the sponges.

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Wine Glass Cleaning Made Easy

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Wine glass cleaning is made simple and fast with Dish Genie kitchen spray's wine glass sponge. The sponge reaches inside the glass and is also designed to clean the glass rim easily.

Dish Genie's Dish Sponge Attachment

Get it for your Kitchen faucet
The round sponge works for pans, pots, oven trays, plates, utensils and many more in need of a good scrub or just a quick rinse. Dish Genie is a hose spray with interchangeable sponges.